Top 5 Best SMG in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile game released in 2019 all over the world. Since then, this game has had active users with more than 500 million downloads. The game brings the action-packed gameplay of the mainline Call of Duty series to mobile devices, offering a variety of modes, maps, and weapons that fans are familiar with. It combines Call of Duty game elements, including iconic maps from titles like ‘Black Ops’ and ‘Modern Warfare’.

Call of Duty Mobile game offers six classes of weapons, which are Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG, SMG, Shot Gun and Marksman. Each of these classes has different weapons with their characteristics, customizations and attributes. Today, in this post, we will discuss the best SMG in COD mobile game. Read our post carefully for details.

best smg in cod mobile

The SMG (Submachine Gun) is one of the second largest classes of weapons in the Call of Duty Mobile game, after the Assault Rifle. Which includes a fantastic arsenal of 22 weapons, each with a different form and performance.

5 Best SMG in COD Mobile

If you are looking for the best SMG weapon in Call of Duty Mobile game, you have come to the right place. Below, we have discussed the five best SMG guns. Please read and understand them well.

1. PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon submachine gun is known for its magazine design, which allows for a high ammunition capacity without a significant increase in size. It’s designed for close to medium-range engagements and offers a good balance between mobility and firepower. Also, this gun damage output is usually reasonable, making it practical for close to medium-range encounters. The PP19 Bizon can be customized with various attachments such as sights, grips, barrels, and more.

2. Fennec

The Fennec is designed for aggressive playstyles. The Fennec is known for its incredibly high fire rate, which makes it one of the fastest-firing weapons in the game. It comes with a small magazine size, which is fulfilled by its rapid rate of fire. Fennec can be customized with various attachments to enhance its performance, like different sights, magazines, grips, and more.

3. CBR4


The CBR4 stays on top of the SMG for a long time because it is easy to use. It fits perfectly for aggressive players and is also beginner-friendly. The CBR4 is the best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 that you should always use to win your battlefield. Also, this is a low-recoil, controllable SMG with a large magazine. It has intense penetration damage and is extremely good for mid to close-range gunfights.

4. QQ9


The QQ9 is mainly chosen by players who enjoy a mix of close and medium-range engagements. It has a medium fire rate, which balances the blazing fire rate of some other SMGs and the more controlled fire of assault rifles. Also, the QQ9 can be customized with various attachments, including- sights, grips, barrels, magazines, and more.

5. GKS


The GKS is a submachine gun known for its accuracy, which allows players to maintain good accuracy even while firing in bursts or aiming down sights. It is helpful for medium-range engagements as well as close-quarters combat.

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