COD Mobile Guide: Weapons, Maps, Modes & More

If you have played any free-to-play shooter game, you must have heard about Call Of Duty, and many of you must have also played it on PC. Call of Duty is a popular video game that has long been a favorite worldwide. With over a million players playing this game worldwide, there’s no excuse for us not to enjoy it. 

The Call of Duty Mobile game offers a huge selection of new and distinctive weaponry and modes. Overall, you will get An overview and analysis of the weapons, maps, and modes available in Call of Duty Mobile in this article. 

COD Mobile Guide-Weapons

COD Mobile Guide

As a Call of Duty Mobile player, you’ll be delighted to know that the game has many weaponry and game types to pick from. There’s something for everyone, whether you favor shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, LMGs, assault weapons, or handguns. With so many options, you may personalize your gameplay experience to your preferences and play style. So, prepare to arm yourself and go to war with your favorite weapons and game modes in Call of Duty Mobile! 

Players can personalize their rifles with various accessories such as sights, magazines, and grips, and each weapon has unique characteristics like as damage, range, accuracy, and fire rate.

Call of Duty for mobile has two distinct firing modes: easy and sophisticated. The gun will automatically fire when you lock onto an enemy when in simple mode. Although this mode is useful for casual gamers, it is not recommended for regular use.


Because you have little control over the pattern, your accuracy may drop, and you may be more exposed if you employ automatic fire. It may appear simple not to tap the screen, but missing your target could betray your whereabouts.

If you’ve ever played PUBG mobile, you’ll recognize the advanced fire mode. The controls are easily accessible with your thumb thanks to their convenient placement on the HUD. This is the ideal option if you’re used to playing on a mobile device. As Bluetooth gamepad capability becomes available in the future, the playstyle options will also expand.

COD Mobile Guide-Maps

There are several different maps to choose from in Call of Duty: Mobile’s various game modes. Moreover, there is a tonne of fan service, which will please lovers of the series’ great episodes. Along with remastered versions of past editions’ popular maps, the game also includes brand-new enhancements that give the gameplay a distinctive twist.

cod maps

Despite this, the game is still very well-liked and is still one of the most widely-played multiplayer shooters and battle royale games. 

This article will provide a thorough overview of each Call of Duty: Mobile map, so you can choose the one that best suits your play style. Here are some of the maps- 

I am certain that everyone here must have heard about CODM, especially the ones who play BR and MP games.

CODM is popular among players across the globe. So, without any delay, let’s look at each quite detailed map, which will help you decide which one is best for you.



Depending on whatever side of the map you spawn in, Crossfire can either be the best or the worst multiplayer map. This map typically favors conflicts that take place at a distance, with sniping being the most common strategy.

LMGs will be your best friend if you enjoy taking out adversaries from the front lines. There is some balance, though, as there is enough space and access for you to flank the snipers if you’re cautious.



The Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty is very popular because of its famous settings. Especially in Modern Warfare 3, Dome makes use of a small portion of a wider map. Close-quarters combat lovers will definitely love this region. Thus, we suggest you use SMGs and Assault Rifles to defeat your rivals.

cod dome


From Call of Duty: Black Ops II comes this iconic Call of Duty: Mobile map. This map is comparable to Crossfire and offers lots of opportunities for sniping headshots. You need not be concerned if sniping is not your thing. There are some good prospects for flanking and chaotic close-range gunfights in the back alleys.


Crash: The events and locations from the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game served as inspiration for Crash. It’s a difficult map that increases the use of assault rifles and SMG’s. There are also good sniping spots in the map.

COD Mobile Modes Guide

Various game modes are available to players, each of which delivers a unique and exhilarating gaming experience. Here are some examples of CODM modes:


In CODM, team deathmatch is the mode in which players there are two teams, and players can join any one team and can compete against each other to earn the most kills. Team deathmatch is the standard multiplayer game type that is quite known among the players.


At last, the team who scores more within the specified time is declared the contest winner.

There are ample weapons, bonuses, and character skins for the players to choose from, which will ultimately help personalize their experience.

There are various multiplayer game types in CODM, including team deathmatch, dominance, search and destroy, and frontline.

 Different modes have different objectives, rules, and gameplay, providing players with a separate and engaging experience.

Battle Royale:

In the BR mode, players are dropped on an island, where they fight with one another to survive until only one team or player is left.


The Battle Royale mode in CODM throws 100 players against one another on a larger map than the multiplayer mode. Players can increase their chances of surviving by gathering guns, equipment, and other supplies.

Zombies Mode: 

Players fight with an army of zombies in order to survive in the challenging cooperative Zombies Mode of CODM.

codm zombie

In Zombie Mode, players can form different squads and fight together to defeat floods of zombies, which become very difficult to kill.

In order to combat zombies, the game’s special weapons, power-ups, and other items are readily available to the players.

Sniper Mode:

Sniper Mode allows players to defeat their enemies using sniper rifles, which is only available in CODM Sniper Mode.

Cod sniper mode

In sniper mode, players have access to different kinds of sniper rifles, including bolt-action and semi-automatic models.

Players who like precise shooting and long-range combat and want to showcase their skills would love this mode, which will suit them.

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