COD Mobile Rank Guide (2023): Ranking System, Rank Reset, rewards & More

The ranking system in COD Mobile is the most effective approach to challenge yourself while providing various cosmetic prizes. Although not everyone among us may be able to compete in the lucrative COD: Mobile World Championship, we can all at least test our skills in the game’s ranked mode. 

COD Rank

It also enables us to compare our rankings with those of others. But cosmetic incentives are given out depending on the rank you finish in for each new ranked series.

Explore the COD: The mobile rank guide below to learn more about the various ranks, incentives, and how to access the leaderboards quickly. This article will tell you about COD Mobile Rank Guide (2023).

What Are Call of Duty: Mobile’s Different Ranks?

The battle royale game mode and the basic multiplayer in COD: Mobile have ranked leaderboards.

cod rookie

That makes logic, even though it initially appears to be complicated. There is no denying that the two game modes offer very different outcomes regarding strategy and playstyle. However, some players only play one or the other.

The ranks are thankfully all given the same names, and after you reach Grand Master and higher, a leveling system does start to work, preventing the top players from being stuck in the lower ranks of a game style they rarely play.

There are a total of seven different ranks; they are as follows:

  • Rookie I-V
  • Veteran I-V
  • Elite I-V
  • Pro I-V
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Legendary

Players must advance through each of the five tiers in the first four rankings to move on to the next rank.

The ranking system is a straightforward point system, where participants must accumulate a minimum number of points to advance in the rankings. The point system continues if you reach Legendary, but a top 5000 leaderboard is also in use.

Your performance in the game determines whether you gain or lose points, with a certain number being added to or subtracted for victories, defeats, kills, etc.

Depending on your rank, the game mode you are playing (either conventional MP or battle royale), and a few other variables that we shall now discuss, there are variations in how points are awarded.

COD Mobile Rank Mode – Guidelines

Standard multiplayer and battle royale game modes have different rules.

Game Modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Search & Destroy
  • Payout Search & Destroy
cod mode

New players can access different game modes in addition to team deathmatch when promoted to higher ranks. A random map is used in each game.

Scoring: Your match performance (kills, for example), results (wins/losses), and win streaks all factor into your final score. Additionally, the multi-select bonus, daily first-win, clan, and multi-game mode bonuses all have possible bonuses.

Under Elite I, players cannot lose their progress. You will lose points and receive a temporary suspension for leaving a game.

Team-Up Guidelines

In a team-ranked battle, the disparity between players with rankings from Rookie to Pro can be as much as two ranks. 


However, the rank difference in a team-ranked match can only be the rank below a player who is ranked MASTER or higher. Parties with a 4/5 squad can only be ranked against other 4/5 squad parties.

Scores for a battle royale: Your final score determines how many enemies you kill, how long you survive, and your rank. The multi-select bonus (which rewards you for selecting several game modes) and the daily/clan bonuses are other potential benefits.

cod lobby

Under Elite I, players cannot lose their progress. You will receive points for leaving a game based on your performance up to that point.

How Does the Rank Reset in COD Mobile Work?

cod characters
Previous RankNext Upcoming Season Rank Reset
Legendary/Grandmaster/MasterPro 1
Pro 5Veteran 5
Pro 3-4Veteran 4
Pro 1-2Veteran 3
Elite 4-5Veteran 2
Elite 2-3Veteran 1
Elite 1 to Veteran 5Rookie 5
Veteran 3-4Rookie 3
Veteran 1-2Rookie 2
Rookie 1-4Rookie 1

Players’ ranks will be reset after those 14 weeks of ranked competition. However, you will only drop down a specific number of rankings based on your rank at the conclusion of the ranked series, making the process simpler for players at all ends of the ranked mode.

COD Mobile Rank Rewards

cod weapon

Different awards are available in each ranking series for the standard multiplayer mode and battle royale mode.

These prizes typically have a theme, and the most recent Ranked season 5 gave out some cosmetics with an extreme sports theme.

These incentives are given out each time a player meets the reward’s corresponding rank, so players don’t have to wait until the end of the ranking series to receive them.

The rewards are available in the in-game mailbox once you earn the rank, but you must claim them before the season ends.

How to Quickly Rank Up in COD Mobile?

In COD: Mobile, there are a few ways to level up more quickly, including benefits for playing under specific circumstances.

One of these requirements is the multi-select bonus, which awards you extra XP for choosing multiple game modes in the default multiplayer mode. You will receive additional extra XP as you choose more game modes.

The daily first-win bonus is an additional bonus; these vary each day, so check the requirements to activate them. Before starting on your quest to the top ranks, make sure to join a clan because this will provide a clan bonus.

When you initially begin your ranked trip, you probably play many especially simple games, and it may seem as though nothing is stopping you from advancing to Grand Master. However, this is unlikely to be the case, and when you go to Elite and Pro, the games will get much more difficult. At this point, a rated shield card can be useful.


What rank in Call of Duty: Mobile is regarded as good?

Rank #3 – Elite players in CoD: Mobile are considered “good” or “decent.”

What are the top 5000 CODM?

Once you attain this rank, there are no additional tiers; you are at the very top of the game. You will be considered Legendary if you have more than 8000 points and rank among the top 5000 players.

What Is This BP in Codm?

Remember that the CODM premium costs 220 CP, equal to 138 Garena Shells, while the Battle Pass bundle costs 520 CP, equal to 325 Garena Shells.

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