COD Mobile: How to play Zombies Mode

On October 1, 2019, the first-person shooter game “Call of Duty Mobile” was released. This game was developed by TiMi Studios and managed by Activision. Over 100 million people downloaded the game in its first week of release, where you can use different characters and different types of weapons on other maps. And which is providing a high-quality gaming experience to the players.

The introduction of COD Mobile Zombies mode marked a significant milestone in mobile gaming. It produced high-quality, immersive experiences for mobile devices. This mode’s success attracted loyal Call of Duty Mobile fans and introduced a new generation of gamers. Let me tell you one more thing: that this zombie mode is not always available. It has been some time since the developers added this zombie mode to the Call of Duty Mobile game.

How to play Zombies Mode

Zombies mode was added to COD Mobile with the release of Season 6 on July 30, 2021. This is a new variant of the zombie modes previously featured in the game. The game developers created a player-specific map for the zombie mode. Players also have to loot to survive the nighttime zombie attacks. Here, we have discussed how to easily find and play zombie mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

How To Play Zombies Mode in COD Mobile

Here, we have discussed how you can easily find and play zombie mode in the Call of Duty Mobile game with step-by-step images. So, read this post well and understand.

Step 1:

First, you need to open the Call of Duty Mobile game. After opening the main menu, a tab called ”Zombies” is at the bottom right. Click on it.

Step 2:

After clicking on Zombies, you will come to the next page. There are three options. One is ”Casual”, another is ”Tutorial” and another is ”Hard”. Here, you have to select anyone.

Step 3:

Here, we have selected the Casual mod; after selecting this mod, click on the yellow ”Start” button at the bottom right. By clicking on it, you can play zombie mode.

Tips about How to play Zombies on COD Mobile

First, you need to ensure that your Call of Duty Mobile apps are the latest version. If the newest version is unavailable, you must update the game from the App Store or iOS Store. After updating Call of Duty Mobile game should be opened. After opening, come to the main menu and select Zombies from the game mode.

Once you select the Zombies mode and map, you enter the game. Gameplay mechanics for Zombies are generally about surviving zombies at night, earning points to buy weapons and upgrades, and working with your team to complete objectives.

If you’re new to the COD Mobile Zombies mode, take some time to learn the mechanics, map layout, and strategies for surviving. There are often tutorials and guides available within the game. In Zombies modes, teamwork is crucial. Communicate with your teammates, work together, and share points to defend against the zombie.

play zombie mode

The Zombies mode in COD: Mobile offers a thrilling and challenging gaming experience. It understands the basics, choosing the right map, good teamwork, and complete strategic gameplay. Remember, success in the Zombies mode requires individual skill and the ability to cooperate effectively within a team.

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